The ROOT Folder doesnt exist

Hi Guys,

I I have an issue with the root folder. It did not automatically create on my laptop. Even I created the root folder by myself, it would disappear when I restart my laptop. Anyone can help me with that issue?
That’s the error looks like
“C:\Users\Administrator1\AppData\Local\Temp\tomcat.7446767543971891857.15580\work\Tomcat\localhost\ROOT” doesn’t exist

Hi Song, when do you get this error?
Have you tried reinstalling RPA Express?

I think from the first day I downloaded the RPA Express. I have not tried reinstalling RPA Express. I will reinstall it to see if that can be solved! Thanks!

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Hi @rsong did reinstalling RPA Express help solve this issue?

Hi Alesia,
Sorry for the late response, but yes, it did solved this issue! Thanks so much!

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