This file was created with older program version, and automated migration failed

I am experiencing an issue where when I attempt to create a new Bot Task in SPA Studio, I receive this error message as if I were attempting to open a bot task created in an older version, see attached screenshot.
Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it? (I am using the latest WorkFusion release).
-Ethan Morris
RPath RPA Manager

Hi Ethan, in which version of RPA Express was the bot task create and in which are you trying to open it?

I am not trying to open an existing bot task which is why this error is so odd. I am trying to create a new one and it is sending this error. I am using the most recent release.
Thank you

I have found a solution to this problem, in this case it appears that the error was due to the .metadata folder in my workspace being from an earlier release. By completely deleting my workspace and allowing Studio to create a new one the problem was fixed.

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