Time-consuming activities


Please describe WorkFusion activities that take a lot of time. Share your ideas how it can be improved.

For example: I spend 1-2 hours to create a human task with document PDF preview on the left and Answers section on the right. Maybe, it is reasonable to add this kind of tasks in default templates (Use Cases).


Working with human tasks is always painful. Very small change can take unpredictable amount of time.
For example:

  • create copy of task then put it a new BP, run BP, open WP and find out why you can’t view the task. It turns out that this is a “feature” because advanced properties are not shared between BPs (or something like that, I can’t even understand the reason) and you need to dance with tambourine to make it working
  • make a tiny change in workspace preview (advanced options) in the Task then run your BP and try to find out why on the Earth you can’t see your change?? It took me half a day to find out that this is actually a feature!

Sorry for a bit angry post but I’ve just spent a half an hour trying to explain my colleague why he can’t change an order of the answers. Everyone probably knows the answer so I feel stupid spending my time on it :slight_smile:

Oh, forgot to share an idea :slight_smile:
Maybe it is makes sense to look on Human Tasks as a separate service? So whatever has been changed in that service (advanced options, workspace preview UI etc) will stay there and BP just contains a “reference” to that specific service. It will remove ability to edit Human tasks from BP - it makes so much confusion.


I have a bit different impression of human tasks. It’s not something which causes difficulties or is really time-consuming for me. I am in fact quite impressed that such complex and feature-reach entity can be created and adapted for your needs quite quickly.

For what @szelenin is mentioning - loosing Task Preview configuration is annoying and is not what user would expect. One thing I know it will be changed in coming releases.

Regarding the services idea - there is a caveat. It’s quite common case to have several instances of the same human task in business process, but with different configuration (costs, workforces, etc.). Making them a different entity - would produce code duplication.

Regarding order of answers. @szelenin, can you please elaborate more what you mean “can’t change the order”? For me changing answers order works quite fine.


Tracking id assigned to the mentioned task breakdown functionality improvement (to preserve task preview configuration): CC-19247


Working with large data sets is hard.

  • In many cases when you try to export the file it does not open with excel
  • Pages which allow to take a look at the data inside WF demonstrate slowdown when there is a lot of records


@azhemoytuk, thanks. Waiting for the new version.

@azhemoytuk, It sounds like you are talking about parameters to the “Human Task service” which might be process dependent. Currently that kinds of “parameters” can be modified via BP (I’m talking about tabs in “advanced options”). It actually makes lots of confusion because one can open the task (from the Tasks list) and change those “parameters” in the task itself. For the newbies it is not obvious which parameters takes precedence.
If we think about Human Task as a service then it should have well defined API. So the service developers should define which parameters they expect on input and what kind of configurations are better to encapsulate in the service. Of cause there are lots of other pros/cons of this approach but the main outcome is that I do not want to change Human Task from the Business Process. I just want to specify which task I’m going to use and specify its parameters according to the API.

For some reason answers were editable but not able to change their order. It confused me because usually if answers are not editable then you just need to create a copy of it. I guess he was changing the task which was paused or completed.