Training Instance: Import option not available for Business Process


I logged into the control tower and go to business processes, I see the create button but i don’t have the three dots next to it to import what am I doing wrong?

What course are you working on?

Automation Kit for Enterprise

Credentials used is.
Login: wf-viewer
Password: fke%3fIS3DC#%^s@

@Dane you should import the business process in the local Control Tower (Business edition).

That’s what I’m trying to do but I don’t have the option available, I have uploaded a screenshot.

Thank you

I am logged on as wf-viewer and I do not see the option to import the package. This is the account that was provided in the Automation Kit for Enterprise Course and included an assignment to import a package.

@Dane @ram_pathakjCrT to do this assignment, you need to install Intelligent Automation Cloud Business locally on your machine and import the business process in the local Control Tower. The URL will be http://localhost:15280/workfusion

Thanks @ashapkina . but assignment asks to upload and perform action on

I will continue to do on local. Thanks

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@ram_pathakjCrT we’ll correct the assignment.
Thank you

Thank you @ashapkina