Transition between two bots in RPA Express

I want to open a url in one bot task and log in the same url in another bot. But in Control Tower how to achieve this? When the bot 1 completes it closes the window, hence the second bot fails. What to do?

@anandhan you cannot do it - you will still need to open the url in the second bot before logging in.
Why can’t you have both actions in the same bot task?

Suppose I want to design a framework where the bot1 contains opening of the url and bot2 contains the logging activities on the same url. Is it possible.? For this kind of scenario what should I do?

No, you should have these actions in the same bot task.

Can I put one bot task into another bot task? Can I merge two bots? Will this give me the desired result?

The bot tasks can be executed one after the other, you cannot put one bot task inside the other one.
If you open a url in a bot task, it will be closed after the bot task execution, so you should have the login actions inside this bot task.