Trigger a mail, whenever error occurs




Just curious to know that how can we trigger a mail to notify whenever an error occurs during the process run.

I see custom option but guess its for future releases.



Thanks for your input.

Currently we do not have a built-in action to trigger an email when an error occurs, but it is doable by adding a couple of actions:

Please vote for this feature to help us prioritize.


Hi @azinchuk,

Thanks for the workaround. Have voted for this feature.


Is there a possibility for outlook to trigger the RPA bot to start for example, if a new email enters the inbox, can that trigger the bot to kick off its process. This is for every email it receives it must do the same function


not right now, but thanks for the idea.

As a workaround, you can publish your bot to the Control Tower and run it on a schedule, so all new emails for a defined period will be grabbed.


ok thank you, will do that for now