Trigger RPA Express robot manually


How can I trigger a business process (rpa x robot) in a way that is friendly for business? For example, manual task in workspace? Is it possible? How?

Hello @aleksandrs.bogdanovs.
I’m afraid there is no friendly option. I can suggest to provide the link to a business process to user to open it in browser directly. But you need to provide user access to Control Tower, for example, with Operator role as described in Roles Description.

Hi @Lera I see, thank you. So, do I understand correct that there is no way to trigger robot via workspace, i.e. manual task?

Not sure that this possible to do in manual task. For example, if you have manual task as the 1st step in business process and this process is executed by schedule, in this case it may work.
But if you’re talking about manual trigger without any schedule, just on-demand, in this case no option to do it via manual task.

Ok, then I know. Do you receive similar demand from other users of rpa express? Seems like pretty useful functionality for processes that should run on-demand…

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