Trim space is not working


I am trying to read values from CSV file which was populated from by executing SQL query in command line. The results will have white spaces which needs to be trimmed.

I am able to read first column of the CSV file where the results are present with white spaces.But when i tried to trim spaces using the String action “Trim Whitespace” still its not working.

Please assist.



please post here the example strings: item and temp variable values (before and after Trim).

We also need to know the RPA Express version you are using


RPA Express version is 1.1.4

item value: blahblahblah [[white spaces]]
temp value: blahblahblah[[white spaces]]

Note**: [[white spaces]] is white spaces

I mean , the item holds value (String followed by white spaces).

After Trim also , the temp variable holds the same value (String followed by white spaces) which is not expected.

Conclusion: No difference before and after trim

Please help.

Try to apply this action twice. Because when you copy from Excel, your value has also an additional new line symbol at the end.

Stil its not working, tried applying the Trim action twice.


please post your recording here

Here is the complete project folder (Archived). (3.2 KB)

The snapshot of the recording (Actions) are as follows.

The Bot task script is as follows.

Bot_Task_Script.txt (2.6 KB)

Please check and reply


According to your execution result file, the “branches” List has the following content:

branches,List,"""[""""toronto on                                                                      \nMontreal QC    

And the “temp” variable contents is the following:

temp,String,"""toronto on                                                                      
Montreal QC                                                                     
Quebec QC                                                                       
Gloucester Ottawa ON                                                            
Bentley AB"""

So you need to correctly parse the Clipboard content to a List (set separator as new line):