Trojan detected during install

I’ve been unable to install because kaspersky is detecting three trojans through their heuristics. Anyone else having this problem? Really want to try this out, but not willing to disable anti-virus to do so.


Kindly ask you to disable anti-virus during the installation as other users have not got any problem with viruses during all this time using the software.

Nurzhan Bazhikov
WorkFusion Service Desk

Yeah. That’s not a good option. I would think just because it hasn’t been reported, yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not an issue.

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I had the same problem and I am not comfortable having to disable the anti-virus software.

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@angela_mazzosa @pkellyImZvHCzc,

It is a known issue with some anvirus software.
Unfortunately, the only sure way to avoid it right now is to disable the antivirus during the installation.

You can also try adding PRA Express files to the list of exceptions/exclusions in your antivirus.

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@angela_mazzosa @pkellyImZvHCzc
The issue with RPA Express installation with Kaspersky enabled has been solved.