Unable to access the list outside for each loop

I am using for each loop for excel filtering. Based on filter criteria I am fetching one column value and appending it to a list. So, at last when excel rows get over I have a list having certain values. I am trying to access this list outside for-each loop but I am not able to do so. Please suggest.

@shivangee_sunX What do you mean you cannot access it, is it blank? Can you share your recording here?

@ashapkina, When i am trying to print the list inside for each loop, i am getting it as expected. But while printing outside for each loop the list is blank.

Are actions 78 and 79 executed in the loop? There are a lot of IF conditions.
Can you zip the folder with the recording and share here, or through a private message? I cannot see any issues in the actions you shared now.

Hi @shivangee_sunX do you still have this issue? If you do, please share your recording to have a look.

@ashapkina , You can close it. I got it resolved!!

Thank you @shivangee_sunX