Unable to add terminal component

Hi I am unable to add the terminal component in RPA Express. It is disabled, please let me know if this is parked for future release??

Basically, I am trying to automate a portion that launches terminal/cmd and runs some scripts.

Please let me know if this feature is available. I am using SunBird 1.1.3

Vamsi Musunuri

Yes, you are right, it’s a planned feature.
If you want to promote it, vote for the topic.

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Would make a world of difference!


please describe your use case where you use the terminal (and which one you use). Thanks in advance!

To be able to use the sdout of existing batch files, python scripts etc as input to RPA Express. Don’t know, what “which one” means, I only see one Terminal branch in Recorder’s Actions library…?


When do we expect this feature in RPA Express? Based on the FAQ information from RPA express in workfusion site, it is showing as available feature, but when we installed the tool, we observed this feature as disabled. After lot of analysis we have selected RPA express for mainframe automation, but now the option is disabled. Please state the info when we can receive this feature.


The “Terminal” commands are not available in version 2.0 of RPA Express?



Hi Juan, this feature hasn’t been implemented yet.