Unable to amend, delete passwords in the Control Tower Secret Vault


I’m currently experiencing issues accessing my saved passwords in the secrets Vault in the Control tower , my processes which I loaded yesterday are working when running them from the Control Tower however I can’t access, amend or delete the passwords, the new ones which I have loaded do not work at all via control tower, all passwords are working on RPA Express.

I’ve even created a few test scenario’s and unable to access them, tried logging out as well didn’t work


@peterjohn.preston do business processes in which you are using the passwords from Secrets vault fail? Or is there problem adding/editing entries in Control Tower?
Could you provide more details and screenshots of the errors.

@ashapkina the processes which I loaded yesterday still run (can’t delete or amend the passwords but the ones which I loaded today don’t run and I can’t delete or amend.

This is the error I receive for the one I loaded today.(password is correct)

I’m unable to change any passwords, receive an invalid password.


@peterjohn.preston now, the default password for Secrets Vault in Control Tower is PASS. Please try using it to create/edit/delete records.

Once you create new Secret records in Control Tower that your new business process uses, the process should work.

Please let me know if you still have this issue after that.

@ashapkina thanks, it’s working now

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