Unable to compare value in excel



Dear All

I have created one excel and entered string values True and false.

in program I have saved that column in list. and wriiten below logic

foreach(list in item)
if (value=true)
get leftcell excel value
// if cell value is true then i want to take left cell value and write it into next cell position


but its not working.

can any one please help me in this case?

How to compare values in Excel?

HI Amol,
Could you post your zipped recording here to take a look?


Hi please find attached fileexcelcompare.zip (20.1 KB)


Hi Ashapkina

Have checked the recording?

Please help me in this case



The value in the spreadsheet is a string with the characters ‘true’ and ‘false’. The comparison value in the If statement is a boolean value - true or false. Can you put quotes around your comparison value, such as “true” or “false” to make the system compare to a string as your values are in Excel?

I have not tested this but offhand I would guess this is what is happening.


it is not working with string value also…
for each not working properly. unable to compare single item with string true or false.


Please find attached an example of how I suppose you need it to work. The details might be wrong, but the logic of comparing a boolean value to a string one works.
excelcompare.zip (18.2 KB)



Hi madam

I am trying to open this program but not succeed. it shows version conversion error. I am using 1.1.8. Can u please send me file with this version. so I can check and will use in my program


please find attached snapshot



Amol, here is a screenshot of the recording.