Unable to connect robot in 2.0 version


Hi Team,

I have RPA express 2.0 version.At the time of installation I have selected number of robot equals to 9.

I have created sample project in 2.0 version. When I trying to run the project its shows unable to connect robot.

I have tried to start Bot manager but it not succeed.

Please give me solution…


@amol_sonavane can you share the screenshot of the tray menu? what is the status of the Bot Manager “Not started”?



HI Ashapkina

please find attached snapshot



What are your machine specs, mainly, RAM and processor?


Processor—core i5


I have selected 9 robots.

Error is occurs because of server not connected…

Please give me solution how to connect with server…


@amol_sonavane 9 bots are too many for 8 GB of RAM. We recommend having 8GB of free RAM for 1 bot, and 1-2 GB for each additional bot. On an 8 GB machine, it’s better to have no more than 2 bots.

That’s why the Bot manager cannot start.

You can either reinstall RPA Express and select two bots, or you can try starting a couple of bots manually. To do this, open Platform Monitor, go to Control Panel - Bot Manager, open localhost.

Start hub and node (rpa.bot is the node on your local desktop, all others are on the remote desktops).

Still, it will be better to reinstall RPA Express and select fewer bots.

By the way, how many bots did the installer recommend?

Bot manager 0 node error

Hi Ashapkina,

I have reinstall the RPA express 2.0. Now I have taken the 2 bots.
On virtual server I am trying to open RPA express but unable to open.
Is there any idea to open on virtual server?


Do you mean you try open it on a remote desktop?


yes Ashapkina


For multiple robot running.need to put code on remote desktop also.


That’s right, you cannot open it on a remote desktop. You can create business processes on your local RPA Express, remote desktops are only used for running them from Control Tower. You can read more details here: Starting with RPA Express


ok thanks. I will try.



I am trying to publish solution but got below error.




can you please check error message.


@amol_sonavane yes, we are looking into it, but it is not yet clear why you are getting this error.


Hi Ashapkana,

Issue is resolve. I think workspace not started so this error occure


OK, thank you for the update :+1: