Unable to connect to Bot

I am new to RPA express and have tried to record test cases, but when i try to play back i get an error " unable to connect to Bot

Hello @A201950

Could you please clarify your RPA Express version?
Also please share a screenshot of your Server Profile. Go to Window > Preferences > WorkFusion Studio > Server Profiles and make a screenshot like below:

Good day,

I am using the new version 2.3.5
Please see attachments


RPA Express PRO 2.3

@A201950 for some reason, the bots didn’t start (you have 0 bots in the Components tab). Make sure that the server profile is filled in as shown here https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Preferences

Then restart RPA Express and the server components. Note that it can take some time for all server components to start, depending on the computer resources.

Also, how many bots did you select during the installation?