Unable to connect to robot in 1.3.0

Just installed the latest version. Not able to connect to bot…Error Msg - Unable to connect to bot…txt (3.4 KB)

@Sandeep_Varma Has this issue been resolved? Unable to connect to robot in 1.3.0

yes I was able to connect with bot. However, am not able to open control tower and platform monitor from menu…

Do i need to configure anything on the network host details?

@Sandeep_Varma Do both Control tower and Platform Monitor open with such IP address from the tray menu?
Does the same happen when you open the link http://localhost:15280/workfusion/secure/dashboard ?


No I can open it when i use the link…Infact, I used http://localhost:15100/login to login to platform monitor.

Its just not happening when i do it from tray.

@Sandeep_Varma Did you change anything in the configuration file?

@ Alesia,

I did change the etc/host file to accomodate… rpa-express.local pm.rpa-express.local as suggested in one of the troubleshooting documents.