Unable to copy and paste a file from one folder to another using RPA Workfusion Expresss


I have used web element to download a text file. Now, i want to copy and paste that file into a new folder in my system, but, there is no action (in the action library) to copy and paste a file.

Example- I have a file abc.txt present in directory My Computer>C>Downloads and i want to copy the file abc.txt to My Computer>D>Copy_folder

How do i do this?

Launch application only opens .exe and .bat files. This is not a excel file to open it using Open Spreadsheet option.



Enter Keystrokes - Win + R
Enter Keystrokes - type cmd
Enter Keystrokes - ENTER
Enter Keystrokes - type copy C:\Downloads\file.txt D:\Copy_folder\file.txt
Enter Keystrokes - ENTER


Thanks for the answer.

But, i am using this tool on Citrix and, thus, when i try to use Windows button, the WF Express doesn’t record the usage of Windows button. Hence i am clueless.



you can use Windows Explorer or Total Commander to perform the copy actions


you can create and run a .bat file with the copy command

File actions are planned to be shipped in a couple of next RPA Express releases.