Unable to copy data in Excel

RPAE v1.1.7

Unable to copy selected data in Excel and paste to another file. (CTRL + C and CTRL + V)
Screen with workflow

@e_zhereliuk - please share your recording and excel file. We cannot help you only by viewing the screenshot.

BTW - it is better to upgrade to 1.1.8 RPA Express and use built-in Excel actions.

I can`t use built-in Excel actions, because, excel file is obtained from 7z archive after unzipping

@e_zhereliuk - we need your full recording folder zipped:


Problem solved by deleting actions on screen

You can try to use another Window action before Ctrl + C - maybe Excel looses focus.

Did not understand the following in your recording:

  • why do you use the Wait action after each action? (you can use the Advanced section to set delays and timeouts)
  • “excel file is obtained from 7z archive after unzipping” - how does it influence Excel actions? If a yellow Protected View notification appears, you can accept it once and proceed.