Unable To do Iteration in excel



Hi All,
I am doing one usecase there i am taking list of names through excel and i am puting that names in One website where we can find which person loan is approved or not based on person names and i am taking person names through excel files and i am putting unsactioned loan person name in one excel sheet and sactioned loan person name in another excel sheet…So when i am putting person name one by one in website i am able to find unsactioned loan person name but how to store that person name in excel file because when i am trying to store it is overriding previous unsactioned loan person name…Based on image i am finding whether person loan is sactioned or not…and after that i am saving all the person names in sactioned and unsactioned names .and after saving i want to send one email to that person email that your loan is sactioned or not sactioned based on data …Can anybody give me idea about that how can i do this things?
Sharad Kumar


Check out this topic - How to read excel spreadsheet to a List or Table variable

And also the new Excel actions:


thanks azin
i completed my usecases with the help of these links…thanks again