Unable to edit a Business process in the Control Tower

Hi everyone,

From WorkfusionStudio, I can export my tasks to the Control Tower w/o problem.
However, when I try to edit/run a BP from the Control Tower, it opens a new tab which remains blank.

Can anyone help ? For information, I am using Chrome as browser.

Thank you,


Hi @quentin_prev, how do you open the business process, from the list of processes on this page http://localhost:15280/workfusion/secure/business-processes ?

Hi @ashapkina, yes, exactly!

Could you share a screenshot of how it looks after you open it?

Thank you @quentin_prev, we’ll check why this can happen.

@quentin_prev what version of Chrome do you use?

I am using the following version of Chrome: Version 67.0.3396.99 (Build officiel) (64 bits)


Hello @ashapkina,

Did you finally find a solution ?
Thank you.


@quentin_prev We managed to reproduce the issue, and it was solved after updating Windows.
Check if there are any Windows Updates pending.

@ashapkina Thank it is working now

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Hi everyone,
I have to revive the topic since I encounter the exact same issue: a blank page when I try to edit or create a BP.
Both Windows and Chrome are updated. I also tried with another Chrome version (the one that @quentin_prev was using at that time).
Any idea on how to solve it?
Thank you!
Edit : I just found the same issue on another thread Sample business processes are blank in RPA Express 2.0 . For information, I have installed version 2.2.0!
Here is what I get:


@WorkFusion team : we still have this issue in v 2.2.0 (see Lise’s post above)

Any idea about how to solve this ?

Thank you in advance,
Alexis Jarroir

Hi @alexis_jarroir.

Which browser you use by default? Is this an old business process? Do you have the same issue with other business processes?

Hi @valeryia_rabchykava,
I work with Alexis.
I use chrome and tried with the updated version and the 67.0.3396.99 version. It happens when I try to edit any business process or to create new ones.

Thank you for your help,
Lise Amaniou

Thank you @lamaniou . Did you try with another browser Mozilla FireFox, for example? Also please advise which Windows is installed on PC with RPA Express.
And one more question: did you remove or change any files in C:\RPAExpress folder before this issue?

Yes, I have the same issue with Mozilla Firefox.
I use Windows 10 (updated).
I didn’t remove or change any files there. I did uninstall and install RPA Express again though.

Thank you for the details. I forwarded your issue to our support team. They will contact you via email.

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Ok, thank you for your help.

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For those who encounter the same issue, the problem solved itself inexplicably in two weeks. The same thing happened before to a colleague of mine. No updates or changes seem to have occured, we’d be curious to have the explanation.

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