Unable to find elemens after referencing iFrame


This http://epbcnotices.environment.gov.au/referralslist/ page has an iFrame popup. After I get Web Elements from the Popup and close it, I am not able to get any Web Elements back on the main page. Any thoughts?

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Hi Gregory, could you send the zipped RPA Recorder script, or a part of script with this action and the action with the modal popup, so we could take a closer look?

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Thank you Alesia,

Finally I was able to shrink my recording and nail down the problem. I don’t think it’s related to the iframe handling, but rather how the application behaves after a handled exception. Please see the below recording.

First it opens the website http://epbcnotices.environment.gov.au/referralslist/ - Step 1 of recording

Then enters “Roy Hill” into the “Filter by Title” box and performs search that returns 4 results - Step 2-3 of the Recording

Then the app clicks on the first link, extracts Notification title from popup iFrame - Step 7

Then it click on the link on the popup iFrame to open sub-popup in another iFrame - Step 9

Then I take two groups: “Fixed Number of Web Elements” (Scenario 1) and “Check Next Web Element” (Scenario 2). Turn on the first one and turn off the second. The first group assumes that I know that there are only two Web Elements I need to extracts. I.e. in the Repeat (2 times) loop I am accessing both elements.

Then application proceeds as expected and successfully finishes the last step (step 26)

Now try scenario 2 - Turn off the “Fixed Number of Web Elements” and turn on “Check Next Web Element”. “Check Next Web Element” group does exactly the same, but by checking number of Web Elements dynamically (via handled exception). I.e. I increment doc_counter and try to find the Web Element. If it causes the exception, I know that the next Web Element does not exist and exit the While loop. This part also works as expected

But, step 26 that worked perfectly with the first scenario, now fails!

It looks like that handled exception is causing the issue. Can you please check it?

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element_lookup_after_exception.zip (5.3 KB)


The bot is opening a website with IE and sometimes the website contains a certain text that I want to get with the bot by Xpath (the text is inside an iframe).

I’m using the function “exception handling” to try get the element.

The script goes fine if the text exist but if the text doesn’t exist the bot doesn’t work fine, it doesn’t stop in the exception handling function it stops with a error at the next function that involves operations with Xpath.

In a script like this:

If the web action #3 doesn’t give any error the web action #4 works fine. But if the web action #3 gives a error (text doesn’t exist) the next web action #4 won’t work as should, giving the error attached.

The error is this:
errorIE.txt (13.4 KB)

@gregory_turuDt @joreian
Thank you for reporting this issue. We are investigating this error.

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Any news about this?

Hi Jose,
Sorry, not yet. We postponed it a bit due to focusing on the new release. As soon as it is out, we’ll get back to this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

Any news about this?

I’m sorry but I can’t continue with my proyect without this function.

Jose, not yet.
I’m sorry, we’ve been busy with the new 1.2.0 release lately. As soon as it is out, we’ll get back to this issue.


Any news about this?

Hi, I’d like to know if there are any news about this issue.


@joreian @gregory_turuDt
Hi, we have made changes to the web actions in version 1.3.0, and this issue should have been resolved.
Please let me know if this error still occurs in your scripts.

Hi @joreian @gregory_turuDt

This issues has been fixed in the new release - 2.1.0.
Let us know if you still have this error.