Unable to insert data into list from excel column with some conditions

Dear Team,

I am trying to fetch data from excel and trying to insert into list. But not succeed.

Below is scenario

-I have excel which contains some data
-In D column there is some text.
-I need to fetch the D column data one by one. trying to do some filters on each cell for example if D2 cell text contains “MAJOR” word then I need to write YES into next cell i.e E2.
-I have used regex pattern also but not succeed.

Please help me in this case. Below is sample snapshots and also attaching my project.

checklist_excel_formatting.zip (219.7 KB)

@amol_sonavane try using this approach:

For each element:
For each element 1 (index 4):
If ${element1} contains MAJOR - set cell value YES (define the cell index through a number variable and increment it by 1 after setting value)
Else - increment index by 1

See a sample based on your recording attached
Checklist_Excel_Formating_Project(updated).rar (166.2 KB)