Unable to Insert Webelement in Yahoo site in place of Drag Mouse



I have unable to insert the Webelemnt above step 20 as per tutorial we will able to place the weblements and remove the Drag maouse option

Attached the Action script




You need to remove the Mouse Press action #19 - it should not be recorded (unexpected behavior). You can replace it by Mouse Click action.


Seems like the “Web Element” can only be added under the “Open Website” action. It cannot be added under “Window” action. Will this be fixed anytime soon?


@Jerry_Guarino, RPAExpress bot can manipulate with Web Elements only in browser opened by Bot.


Does it mean we always need to create “Open Website” action each time we use “Web Element”?
What if bot have already opened the website earlier in the process such as the following:

  1. Group of Actions (1). Bot opens a website, uses “Open Website” and “Web Element”.
  2. Group of Actions (2). Bot perform actions on a desktop app.
  3. Group of Actions (3). Bot goes back to the opened website and use “Web Element”.

In the above scenario, since the website is already open I only want to use the “Web Element” action. But it does not allow me to do so without adding a new “Open Website” action in step 3.


Thanks for sharing your use case - we logged an improvement for this. You can vote for this ticket to help us prioritize feature requests.


Has this issue been resolved, ie it should allow adding of the web element under any situation.


There are new actions since 1.1.2
One of them is Switch to Browser.

You can find out more at https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Sunbird+1.1.2