Unable to Inspect using JVM inspector and Autoit


I am working on Java based Applet and trying to locate/inspect elements in the applet ,but while inspecting the whole window is being considered as a single form and while moving JVM inspector cursor anywhere in the entire window same values of locators are being displayed.Hence,unable to identify any required element.

Hi @saipraveenaa
What applet do you use?
could you share a screenshot of how the Inspector identifies the elements?

It is a java based applet.
I don’t have the screenshots…but it is considering the page as a single element.

@saipraveenaa do you open it in a browser?

@ashapkina yes we open it in IE?

@saipraveenaa Inspector cannot access elements inside a web page, you can only inspect objects that are parts of a desktop application.

Only the login page is web-based where I am using developer tools to inspect whereas after entering the login page it works as an applet.
Also, have tried using developer tools but it is not working.

@saipraveenaa which version of RPA Express do you use, 2.1.0 or older?
If you use an older version, please update to 2.1.0 - it has a new Inspector which should work with applets in browser.

@ashapkina We are using RPA 8.4 version but not RPA Express due to environment constraint.
Can you suggest in which version of RPA it can work?

The new Inspector is available in SPA 9.1.

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@ashapkina Thanks for the help :grinning:!!! Will try and get back to you.