Unable to install Intelligent Automation Cloud

The log files are as attached, thanks!
WorkFusion_Intelligent_Automation_Cloud_20191008191041_000_WorkFusionIntelligentAutomationCloud_rollback.log (2.9 MB) WorkFusion_Intelligent_Automation_Cloud_20191008191041_000_WorkFusionIntelligentAutomationCloud.log (4.5 MB) WorkFusion_Intelligent_Automation_Cloud_20191008191041_000_WorkFusionIntelligentAutomationCloud.Agent.log (9.2 KB) WorkFusion_Intelligent_Automation_Cloud_20191008191041.log (26.8 KB)
WorkFusion_Intelligent_Automation_Cloud_20191008191041.log (26.8 KB)

Hi @kyeo.
I saw in your logs the exception:
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
Do you have any restrictions in firewall or GPO in your organization that can block local connection to port 8200? You can refer to Installation preconditions to make sure that everything is met.

Hello @kyeo.

Please advise whether this helped to resolve your issue.

I tried disabling my firewall, but to no avail. How do i add exception to open ports for firewall?

Hi @kyeo.
I would recommend to refer to your local IT, as this is related to local policy in your organization.


Even i am facing this issue and my IT team is clueless. Please share some suggestions