Unable to install on windows 10 – error 0x80070643

Hello,I had the same issue when tried to install RPA express on windows 7. I turned on the windows Firewall and after that RPA was successfully installed.
Now I try to install RPA on windows 10, but cannot find a solution how to do it. The system shows the error 0x80070643.
Can you please have a look the logs? Thanks!

Hi Igor, please send the installation logs from C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp

Got it, thanks. We’ll have a look at the logs.

Try running regedit.exe on your computer. Does it run fine?

it does not work. I’ve found the file in c:\windows\system32\ , but the size is 0.
I’ve found additional file regedt32.exe. It works well.

I replaced regedit.exe by regedt32.exe. After that the system was successfully installed. Thanks a lot!!!
It seems windows 10 uses regedt32.exe instead of regedit.exe.

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Glad it got resolved