Unable to install Workfusion in my system. 'software installed prematurely'



While installing ‘software installed prematurely’ is displayed and when i clicked finish Workfusion icon is found in desktop but when user clicks on it nothing happens. It looks like there is some issue with the setup.
I am expecting when user clicks on Workfusion icon orange flag is displayed in my taskbar so that i can start the BOT manager.

Can you please help in resolving this issue
Thanks in advance


Hi ,

Try re-installing .But before proceeding with Installation make sure that Windows Firewall is enabled and your system Meets the minimum requirements.

Please refer here–> Installation Issues - How to Install RPA Express



I have done the above settings (Windows Firewall) and then tried to install it but still facing the same issue.


@bhagyaraj_paAa - what is your PC spec?


My PC specs:
Processor: Intel Core i3 550 3.20GHz
64 bit operating system
Windows 7



unfortunately, this pc does not meet the RPA Express system requirements.