Unable to iterate table after upgrading to RPA Version 1.1.6

We have used RPA 1.1.5 for iterating a table and accessing values of each cell row wise.
But after upgrading to RPA 1.1.6 the value are getting printed with [ ] surrounding to it.
here is screen shot of sample script:

table variable contains value [[1,alex],[2,john],[2,sam]]

On application of foreach loop on table it is printing values as follows :

the same script was working fine with version 1.1.5

how to avoid bracket surrounding the values?


add another For Each loop inside the first one and type each list element separately.

The solution doesn’t seem efficient i.e. to add another For loop for a single Table cell.
Is this a workaround for this version or a permanent solution i.e. every upgraded RPA versions will want a For loop for picking single cell value? Please suggest.