Unable to Launch Version 1.1.3 Beta



I have Windows 10, 64 Bit, etc but am still getting stuck on the splash screen. No icon in the system tray. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall with no success.



Does your PC meet all the requirements? - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/System+Requirements

Have you checked the Troubleshooting guide? - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Troubleshooting


My PC is stuck on the splash screen as well. Before I get approval to invest in an additional machine, I wanted to ensure that it really is required. I am running Windows 10, 2.6GHz but only have 2 cores (not 4). Is this what is causing the issue? Seems like it might make it slow, not get it stuck?

Thank you


What about free RAM volume?

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According to the W10 System Settings - 8GB Ram, (7.89 GB Usable) 64 Bit Operating system, x64 processor and 275GB of storage available.


have you tried solutions from the troubleshooting guide? If yes, which ones?


I uninstalled and then I went through the installation process again. Steps 1-8 were successful and finished with “Setup Complete”. However, the WorkFusion RPA Express splash screen remains on-screen and there is not an icon in the system tray. In my Apps list in windows, I have the RPA Express, WorkFusion RPAExpress application. When I try to run the application after 5 minutes waiting, I get a second splash window on screen but no other changes. Task Manager does not show RPA, Workfusion, Sunbird, etc. 2 Cores, 4 CPUs, plenty of disk… No Error messages. Killed the 2 CMD.exe processes, deleted the logs, no changes.


I’ve the same error. In the past I have run RPAe successfully but after uninstall version 1.1.1 and install 1.1.3, it’s not working anymore. It just hang at splash screen. I’ve remove the 1.1.3 and re-install 1.1.1 but it still the same issue. My PC meet all requirement with CPU Xeon and 16Gb RAM, HDD free is over 50Gb


Tried to install version 1.1.4 now and it has the same results.


I could not get it to work on the laptop I was using and instead spun up a virtual machine. However, was having the same issue. Instead of running normally, I found that I need to execute with Administrator rights. Now, I go in through a Command Prompt, and Run as Administrator and the system works. However, when I went back to the laptop, this still does not work…


You try changing permission for RPAe installed folder. I set it to Full Control to everyone and the error is gone.


Just tried that and it did not work on the local machine. Glad it worked for you.