Unable to launch Workfusion RPA Express

After Installing RPA Express Lumen, It is showing the Lumen screen and then closes. Nothing comes on system tray.

Hi @aayush1997g, please send all RPA Express installation logs from C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp, that start with WorkFusion_RPA_Express%_ and have .log extension.

Other files are bigger than 10MB

WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613121239.log (36.4 KB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613012823.log (64.4 KB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613012823_005_WorkFusionMinio.log (172.9 KB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613121239_003_WorkFusionMinio.log (173.1 KB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613012823_000_NetFx45Web.log.html (780.6 KB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613012823_004_WorkFusionOCR.log (3.3 MB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613121239_002_WorkFusionOCR.log (3.3 MB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613121239_000_WorkFusionRPAExpress.log (4.1 MB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613012823_002_WorkFusionRPAExpress.log (4.1 MB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613121239_005_WorkFusionStudio.log (6.3 MB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613012823_007_WorkFusionStudio.log (6.3 MB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613012823_006_WorkFusionRPA.log (6.5 MB)
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20180613121239_004_WorkFusionRPA.log (6.5 MB)

@aayush1997g thank you, we’ll have a look.

@aayush1997g we didn’t find any errors in these logs. Could you also send these log files:


Thank you

Other Files in the Log Folder Were Empty
localhost.2018-06-13.log (738 Bytes)
catalina.2018-06-13.log (7.6 KB)
status-agent.log (176.5 KB)
status-agent-error.log (50.7 KB)

Hi Alesia,
When i launch the workfusion RPA Express Lumen version, nothing happens.
I am even unable to see workfusion process in task manager. Please help.
status-agent-error.log (10.7 KB)
status-agent.log (176.8 KB)
WorkfusionLogs.zip (9.5 MB)
The workfusionLogs.Zip has all the logs from temp folder.

@SN00483157a @aayush1997g I have forwarded your issues to our support team. They will contact you shortly.

Was a solution provided to this issue?
I am facing a similar problem On installation of Workfusion Lumen, I start the application but only a screen comes up, which finally goes away without any error. Nothing related to RPA is seen on Task Manager.

Below are attached are the logs for Workfusion- Sunbird which we are trying to install now, once we failed with the last set up. We are facing a similar issue on installation of Workfusion- Sunbird too.

status-agent-error.log (18.5 KB)
status-agent.log (52.9 KB)


Hi @keval_kapadia, we are looking into this issue, but there is no solution yet.
Thank you for providing the logs - we’ll investigate and get back as soon as we have any update.