Unable to locate an element with the xpath expression



I have this simple Web Site. For some reason I am not able to get any element out of it with xpath! There is no iframe; I’ve done few similar websites without any issues. Even without going deep, when I am trying to get text from the Navigation Menu links (/html/body/div[1]/div/div/ul[1]/li/a), I still get the above error. Any thoughts?

Thank you


Hi Gregory,

I have tried several actions with xpaths on this page, and they have worked.
Below is a sample script with the xpath you provided, please let me know if the error occurs again.

xpath.zip (1.2 KB)


Spasibo Alesia!

Your recording (with Firefox) worked without any issues. Mine was with IE and I think it was causing the problem. For some reason this particular page does not work with IE



Yes, you are right. I checked it in IE, and the xpath doesn’t work on this page.
This sometimes happens in IE, so it is better to use Firefox for xpath actions.