Unable to locate element in form/frame

Hi Team,

I am currently unable to get workfusion to interact well with Pega System Management Application.

I am able to inspect the elements on from the site using chrome Devtools and get the elements I need. But when I try to get workfusion to either click on those elements or try to get value of the elements, it is not able to locate the elements.

In this case I am trying to get a value out of the table on the site but I will be thrown back with this error: NoSuchElementException: no such element: Unable to locate element: {“method”:“xpath”,“selector”:"//table[@id=“altTable2”]/tbody/tr[59]/td[2]/center/img"}

Attached are my screenshot of my actions and also the elements from the devtools. I had tried looking into frames or iframes (not too sure if they are the same thing), but will also get the same error.

@MAX_AC if the element is located inside an iframe(s), you need to enable the “Search in iframe(s)” option and provide the XPaths of all these iframes in the web action.

I managed to get it to work. Frames and iFrames are actually the same thing. I set in the frames needed and its working now!

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