Unable to login into Workspace

Dear Team,

I am new in Power user level 2 course. I need to do first assignment. Can you please help me to login into workspace?

Hi @amol_sonavane

Can you please advise what problem you are facing with WorkSpace login?
i.e. are you receiving an error message when trying to log in, or are you struggling to find the site, or do you not have login credentials,etc.?



I need latest login credentials to login into workspace.

Hi @amol_sonavane

For assignment 1 you should use local RPA Express control tower, so you should use the username and password that you created when you installed RPA Express.

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Hi Ashapkina,

I am trying to login into below workspace and trying to use credentials mention below

Login to the Workfusion Instance.
Server: https://copernicus.workfusion.com 4
Login: wf-viewer
Password: Workfusion!4

But I think password is change…Can you please help me to get new password?

Hi! Please try password - Workfusion!8