Unable to login to Control Tower

I’m unable to login to Control Tower. Upon entering localhost, I get the login screen, but the input fields (for credentials) are gone.
Please help.

Hi Jonathan,

Did it happen randomly or after update to a newer version of RPa Express?

Can you share the screenshot of how Control Tower looks?

Randomly happened.
Here is the screenshot:

Thank you. What version of RPA Express and what browser are you using?

2.1, and Google Chrome

Hi ,I am unable to login to control tower but can login to both work space and file storage and i have my server profile .

I am new to WorkFusion and trying to learn from scratch.Thanks You

Hi @mjana can you provide more details?
Do you type in the login and password, but the control tower doesn’t open?

No, i already saved my credentials in the browser. so previously it opened automatically but from yesterday it is showing this page.

Does it have fields to insert login and password?

No, it didn’t have.

Try clearing the browser cache.

When you open the page in another browser (Firefox or Edge) does it open correctly with the fields to insert credentials?

Yes, It Worked .Thank you for your support.:smile:

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