Unable to open encrypted excel file

Hi all,

Our IT security policy automatically encrypts files when it’s saved.
(make it unable to open outside the company)

And workfusion fails to open encrypted excel using ‘open spreadsheet’ action.

It gives following error log.

1.txt (7.7 KB)

So we only have limited access to the functions provided by the ‘Excel’ actions library…

Do any of you know of any other ways to open encrypted excel files…?

I am checking because other RPA software I used didn’t have problems opening encrypted excel files. (We’re trying to change our RPA software to workfusion :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance,

Hi @jj_hyundai-dym, what do you mean by “encrypted”, do you need to insert a password top open it?
In this case you will not be able to open it using built-in Excel actions, but you can automate Excel using object recording.