Unable to open excel from desktop

I have been working with excel operations before and now, have faced a new issue where i’m unable to open the excel and save the data from a table variable to excel.
Below is the snapshot of my Actions Flow and the error message:

While executing the step 19(open spreadsheet) the following error occurs:

Kindly help me figure this out!!

@Arthi is it a password-protected file?

No its just a empty excel file

What is the format of the file? Is it Excel Workbook?
It looks like it doesn’t recognize it as an Excel file. It is also possible that the file is corrupted.

Does it open correctly when you open it manually?

Yes its an .xlsx file and opens manually.
I will check again by creating a new file

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Hi @Arthi do you still have this issue?

I created a new excel file and it opens now. Thank you.

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@ashapkina this same issue for me also. this only happened when i created from RPA. Can you please help