Unable to publish recording to Control Tower in Release 1.1.2


Hi WorkFusion Team,

I have installed the latest release of RPA Express, Sunbird 1.1.2 but when I try publishing the recording the tool does not respond. Attaching the .log file for your analysis.main.log (440.3 KB)


Hi WF Team,

Can someone look into this and help me with publishing the recording to Control tower.



Is Control tower running?
Do you have any error messages in recorder?


Yes CT is running I have verified that. Attached the .log file for the same reason, does it help pinpointing the issue? Basically nothing happens after the click. Should I be re-installing the RPA Express?


Can you check, whether or not your antivirus blocked some of our libraries?


No I don’t see antivirus blocking any library. Should i check any specific libraries in particular?


see this topic please - Symantec Endpoint Protection Quarantines JNativeHook-2.0.3.dll