Unable to publish to control tower

When trying to publish a task to control tower, we are facing the below error
“Control tower response with error. status: 401.
When checking the platform monitor all the system processes are running. Bot manager (1 bot) is running, OCR is running. But workSpace is “License expired”
In the environment status for the control tower component the status is “Partially available” in yellow colour.
When I try to open the control tower from the windows control panel, the control tower opens normally in a separate web browser.
Advise where the problem is and how to resolve it so that we can publish the tasks to control panel and schedule them to run automatically.

Hi @Hari_Babu2

Looks like your server profile wasn’t filled in during installation.
You can fill it in manually following this guide: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Preferences#Preferences-DescriptionofPreferences

Hi Alesia,
Thanks for the quick response.
The URL for the control tower is specified as http://localhost:15280/workfusion in the default profile.
When I click on “control tower” in the workfusion panel, it opens the control tower in a new browser.
The error I am getting is when publishing a task
Let me know if you need further details

Do you have username and password filled in?


I have not filled in the user name/pwd in the profile.
But when the control tower opens in the browser, it asks me for the username and password. I supply it and it opens the control tower.
Do you suggest to fill this info in the profile itself?

Hi Alesia,
Thank you. After updating the profile with username and password, it works.
Thanks again for the help

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Glad I could help :grinning: