Unable to publish to control tower

I am unable to publish recording to the Control Tower. When publishing, will encounter error “Unable to perform cnnection to remote host http://localhost:15280/workfusion”. Upon checking on the platform monitor, under the environment status–> components, it show that Control Tower, Work Space and OCR are Partially available.
For Control tower, there is a warnings “The local Workspace license has zero account balance. Manual tasks can not be published to production environment under this license”
For Workspace, the error is “Host clickworker.com:443 is not reachable”.
For OCR, the error is “Failed to load the OCR license: Failed retrieving ACTIVE_LICENSE information: Failed loading FREngine: There are no licenses on hostname”
Pls help check on how to resolve the warning and error. Thanks

Hi @tcchoofBZypIJv

The status ‘Partially available’ for Control Tower is correct as its functionality is limited in RPA Express as compared to SPA. Please check that the status of Control Tower is ‘running’ in the tray menu.

OCR license for version 2.0.2 has expired. You need to update to 2.1.0 to be able to use OCR.

Could you please update to a new version and let me know if you still have the issue with the Workspace and publishing to Control Tower?

@tcchoofBZypIJv did updating to a new version help you solve this issue?