Unable to publish to Control Tower

While publishing into the control tower in a Citrix environment we are having this kind of error(we are trying to open control tower in IE). While before 15 days we were able to publish the code successfully. We are using 2.2 Version of WF Express.
What kind of error is this?


Hi @sonali_parida.
Are you sure that your Control Tower is up and running? Please check whether you are able to open it in browser directly before publishing.

Yes we are able to open it in brower directly before publishing and also the Control Tower is up and running. After showing this error, we checked in Business Process, Even the process is available in Business Process but when we schedule it , it is not working.

Sorry, didn’t get your point. Do you have an issue with publishing or with executing BP in Control Tower?

Hi @sonali_parida.

Is this still actual?

Hi @Lera sorry for the delay. Yes, it is actual. We are trying to publish it and it is not getting published into the control tower, but after closing the control tower and doing re-login into it, then the task gets published.

Did you change anything in remote PC access? Are you able to open Control Tower on remote computer after publishing? It looks like network issue.

No changes were done, and yes we are able to open Control Tower on Remote computer after publishing. Okay, we’ll check with the network team about this. Thank You @Lera for your suggestion.

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