Unable to run Business Process in Control Tower




I am unable to run the HelloWorld RPA template in a business process via the control tower.
Please note I have no issue to run this process via the RPA Express recorder.

The error message is the below. Do you have any idea what the issue is?

[urn:uuid:19EAD45413CD535926152274173850997] robotics-flow executePlugin exception: [nodeId=] com.workfusion.studio.rpa.recorder.playback.PlaybackException: Error evaluating condition in IfAction[condition=(file_name_template) in (item),arguments=ActionArguments[delay=[0],leftOperand=[${item}],leftOperandType=[VARIABLE],timeoutMs=[10000],rightOperand=[${file_name_template}],xsi:type=[recorder:IfElseAction, recorder:IfElseAction],pollingInterval=[300],active=[true],rightOperandType=[VARIABLE],operator=[CONTAINS],awaitTimeout=[5000]]]




@thomas_henryAU This is because of the variable name item - it can no longer be used in Control Tower. We have changed the default name of the variable to element in newer version.
Change the name of the item variable, and publish to Control Tower again. It should solve the issues.


Thanks for your reply ashapkina.

Unfortunately I am unable to amend the variable. The If condition expects a List value when my new “part” variable is correcty set up as string.



The contains operator doesn’t work with strings now, we will fix this behavior.
Try using regex in the condition: