Unable to save new recording



I am unable to save new recording it says “cound not save encoding settings”


You can select rpae_project in media files view, push right mouse button and select refresh in context menu.
If it will not help - try to close and open project(via the same context menu)

New Recording Error on RPA Recorder : "Could not save encoding settings"

hi @rajat_jain_cognizant

Did it hep you?


@rajat_jain_cognizant - please drop us a line whether it helped you or not


I am getting the same Error , When trying to Create new Recording , I clicked on “Start new Recording” option

  • Start new Recording Popup message comes up
  • Auto Generated "Recording name " Appears and I am not able to click on OK button (Button Disabled)
    with a below message

Could not save encoding settings

Can you please help for Resolution


@VParamasivam - have you tried the solution above?


Yes , I tried , but the Version appears to be correct (1.1.2)

Kindly note that I didn’t install any previous version , I straight away installed V1.1.2



Here is the solution:


Thanks for your attention.

Media file option is not appearing after the launch of RPA -Recorder
Please find the scrren snap below

after clicking on Start new recording button

I am not able to proceed further , as the OK button in Start new recording pop up is not active
please find the screen snap below


Hi, @VParamasivam
Somehow you closed all the views.
Please, go to Window -> Show View -> Other
And select all views from Workfusion Recorder folder


You need to close and open that project and it will start working.


Thanks a lot ,
It works now


Good :thumbsup:


I have tried the solution above. I can now create recordings but I cannot see the files in Media Files section. I did restart and refresh. Still same result


@abdulkadir Can you share a screenshot of how the Media Files section looks?


Nothing happens when I refresh


This is the workspace:



Please try this:

  • in RPA Recorder menu, click File - Switch Workplace - Other…
  • select the correct location of your workspace. By default, it is C:\Users%username%\workfusion-workspace
  • press OK

The Medial Files should then look like this


Let me know if it doesn’t help.



Thank you for the help. Creating a new workspace solved the problem.