Unable to see Business Processes in Control Tower All Business processes


In Introduction to RPA Express As per “Assignment 2: See business process automation in action” I am unable to find Account Payable, License Verification and Check Criminal records business process under All Business Process Tab.

Can anyone please help me on this. I am using 2.3 version of RPA Express.

Thank you.

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Lakshminarayana Golla

Hi @LG00560059

If sample processes are missing in Control Tower, you can add them manually.

After installing RPA Express, you should have the folder C:\Users\username\ControlTower\Samples on your PC that contains the sample processes’ packages.

You can import then in Control Tower following this instruction.

Before running the process, don’t forget to upload appropriate Input data files from the same folder as described here.

Thank you @ashapkina .

Now I am able to see the BP’s in Control Tower.

In my case the RPA Express got installed by administrator so the \ControlTower\Samples got created in C:\Users\administrator. After copying \ControlTower\Samples to my user profile I am able to see the BP’s in Control Tower.

Thank you

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Lakshminarayana Golla

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Glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

And thanks for providing the details and your solution - I’m sure it will be helpful for other users with this problem.

Hi there!
I am following the instructions, however I got this meesage:
Not found.
The page or resource you were looking for could not be found.
It might be permanently removed or please check the URL”
I found the zip files (samples), but importing into control tower have not worked so far.

@arivero at which step during import do you get this error? Is it after you upload the zip file?

Right after I upload the zip file, I click “preview”, and then I got the message.

Do you import the package to your local RPA Express Control Tower?

Yes. From the samples folder installed in my computer.

Hi again,
Were you able to find a possible solution to this problem?