Unable to select/deselect a value using SPACE in Excel

Detail description:

I have a list of 4 items to be filtered in a column and followed steps as below:

  1. Used Ctrl+Shift+L to apply filter for an desired column.
  2. Enter ALT+Down key+E to directly navigate to search box.
  3. Search each value stored in variable in search box and filter all data.
  4. To add second value to existing filter, user needs to click on “Add current selection to filter” by entering keyboard shortcut of “SPACE”.

But workfusion is not able to click on SPACE button but shows success without any error message.

@sailesh_malepa does {Space} not work in Excel at all or only in this case?
Also, which version of RPA Express are you using?

Not sure in all cases. But i was facing this issue in this scenario. And version of RPA used is 2.0

Hi @azinchuk

I remember that the two of us experienced a similar issue on my use case when you were here in South Africa. Do you remember how we overcame this?

Yep, we just used image-based clicks.

From the 2.1 version which is already available, this issue should have been fixed.

Thanks for the update.

This was fixed in latest version of 2.1.

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