Unable to set cell value for second for-each iteration



Hi All,

We are iterating through for each loop for the first value its setting the set cell value but for the second iteration it’s giving an error “set cell value action error” and the program got terminated after that. Is anybody facing the same problem and if facing please suggest a solution or workaround for it.

Unable to open recordings in latest version 1.1.6

Hi @hemant_pujari, can you send us a screenshot of your actions flow or upload your code here?



Hi @hemant_pujari, your problem sounds familiar:


testocr.zip (1.8 MB)
Please find the uploaded zip code and let me know in case of any concern


Its look the same situation, the only work around is to go back to ver 1.1.4 until the ver 1.1.6 will be available.


I use Excel via open Application as workaround. It’s slower than the Excel actions in the recorder but works for my needs.


this issue will be solved in 1.1.6