Unable to set value on xpath

Hello, So I was trying to get date from excel & paste it onto website using set value but its not working , date box is locked & even keystrokes are not working but always calender window is opening though… please solve this as I can’t find any solution on the forums

Hi @DesertEagle looks like the website doesn’t allow to type in the date and you need to use mouse clicks. Can you share the webpage on which you are trying to set the date?

sadly I can’t because it has password n login to it. Please find me a way, I cant use mouse click manually while the program is running. We want the whole process fully automatic.

Can iframes, date format strings would help fixing these? or any condition like we match excel date with calender dates so if it satisfies then move further n submit if not it will keep comparing for the exact date. ? You getting me? @ashapkina @timriewe

@DesertEagle in this case can you copy the html code of the page to a .txt file and share here?

Also check out this post, it deals with the same issue

pix4.txt (191 Bytes)

@DesertEagle this is the code of just one element, as far as I can see it is the month selector. But looks like you can use xpaths in this case:

  1. click on the date field
  2. click on the month field in the pop-up
  3. click on the required month. You can use the If-else condition to define on which month to click:
  • extract the month from the value in the Excel cell using Substring action to, for example, a variable ${month}
  • use if-else condition. Example: If ${month} equals 9, click September (using XPath), Else: If
    ${month} equals 10, click October (using XPath) and so on.
  1. click on the day field
  2. click on the required day:
  • extract the day from the value in the Excel cell using Substring action
  • click on the element with the day using XPath

I guess this approach should work, but it is hard to say for sure without the code or access to the page to test.

I’m sorry but this method isn’t working for me :confused: date picker seems locked with the web element …any other method?

can’t we train our bot in such a way for ex; if the excel has 10 sept 2018 value as date , bot clicks 10 sept 2018 on the calender box in the website. Then if the next row in excel has different date then bot clicks that one this time. Like an AI thing ?? hope you getting me

@DesertEagle RPA Express doesn’t include machine learning, so you cannot train your bots.

Can you share your recording and the code of the page on which you you need to set the date?

I am working on flight booking site where I need to set dates using date picker. can you bit elaborate on how to use xpaths for setting date as in every month the xpath for the day will be different.