Unable to start task from API


By following the API guide (http://localhost:15280/workfusion/api/swagger-ui.html#/) closely I have been able to access the RPA REST API with different get/posts. I want to use the API to start a (predefined) process from a python script. However I am not able to make the post statement (…/workfusion/task/{UUID}/start) to work. The post statement returns a status code = 500, strongly suggesting that the error lies on the API side.

By searching the forum it seems to be a common problem. Have any of you guys found a solution/workaround?

(Similar to the problem faced in the last post of this thread:


@ristian_hole_a do you use business process’s run (instance) uuid or definition uuid?

@ashapkina: To be honest, I am not sure which of the two UUIDs I am using. I am using the UUID from the process’ URL in Control Tower (as shown by your screenshot in the thread attached to the first post of this thread).

Then it should be the correct uuid.

Can you share the script you are trying to execute and the text of the error you get?

When trying the post here
I get the response code 500,

which is exactly the same response code I get from doing the post-request in my Python script. :


Just to make sure the API function is behaving as I expect, I tried it with an invalid UUID and got the response code 400. With invalid input the behaviour of the function is as expected.

So my key question: Do you have any idea why it does not start my task?

PS: Just ask for more information if needed.