Unable to start Workfusion on Server

I have already have Workfusion installed on my PC and it is working fine.

We currently had it installed on a Windows Server 2008R2 with 16GB RAM. When I try to launch workfusion using the icon on the desktop; I get the splash screen and then a notification appears in the system tray ‘Welcome to Workfusion’ however within a second it disappear.

I tried searching through the forum; but was not able to find any solution.

Attached are the logs.

Logs.zip (550.6 KB)

@manohar_paiLXv Does Workfusion icon appear in the system tray and then disappear?


Yes. It appears and then disappears.

It might be blocked by your antivirus. What antivirus are you using? Could you check its quarantine?

I am using Symantec Endpoint Protection. I checked the Quarantine and it is empty. I had attached my logs as well. Did that help?

Yes, thank you. We’ll study them as soon as possible - sorry, we’re a bit busy with the new release now.

This issue is resolved for me. The problem was since the server has multiple users; if someone started RPA express on their session and didn’t close the application before logging out other users couldnt start RPAx application on their session.

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Yes, that’s correct, in this case it won’t be possible to use RPA Express.

Glad it is resolved now.