Unable to use Keystrokes Inside of a Launched Excel File

After launching excel, with a ‘launch application’ I am trying to use keystroke combinations to perform tasks, for example: F5 or Ctrl +g to set a range I wish to copy. The script is erroring out and will not execute. It used to work but now it is not.

Any ideas?

Hello @eshea8.

Did you change anything in your script or update RPA Express? Please provide screenshot of the exception and RPA Express version (you can find it in Control Panel - Programs and Features).
Thank you.

Hello @eshea8.

Do you still have this issue?

Hi yes I do! Anytime I try to do any keystroke that involves hitting FN before the F1,2,3,4 etc keys.

This is an example of what the error looks like! There are many thinks I am trying to do with the function key. The first being F5 in excel to “go to” a range of cells. The other main one being F12 to “save as” I am trying to convert 5 csvs to xlsx formats in order to utilize the excel functionality.

Could you please show your action in Studio? How your Enter Keystroke look like? And why you need to use “Fn” key?

I have attached two pictures of the action in the studio where the F5 and F12 keys do not work. On my computer you cannot just simply push the F5 or F12 key because of the dual functionality of the keys. For example without hitting the FN key before F12, it is the PgDn button. So in order to use the F12 keystroke in excel I have to hit FN- F12. Its interesting because if I do not ahve the FN key on and i push the ‘f12 button’ then it records the keystroke page down. So it seems it records the correct keystroke but it cannot perform it.

Thank you for the details.
Please try to un-check “Autodetect window” option in “Launch application” action and run script after that.

That didn’t get it to work either… any other suggestions?

Do you get the same error after unchecking “Autodetect window”?
Do you switch to the Excel window before using keystrokes?

So I followed all of the steps indicated. Attached is the error I am still getting.

Can you share your .rpae script yo have a look?

what is the easiest way to share this? Screenshot or email to you?

You can upload it in a post here (zip it before uploading). Or you can send it via a direct message.

I tested the recording, and it works correctly.

Is there only 1 Excel file opened on the screen at the time of execution (step 69)?

Yes only one excel file open!

Hi! I am still unable to use the F keys.

Wondering if you know a way to convert CSV. to XLSX without using any of the F keys.

Try pressing combination Alt+F, then A, then O - it should open the Saves As dialogue where you can choose a new format.

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