Unable to use Web action within loop


I am trying to create a use case where I need to get value of stock from web. The list of stocks is in a file. So I am using loop to iterate through all stocks. Inside my loop - I have following actions -

  1. Open website ( https://www.google.com/finance)
  2. Web element ( get by xpath")

This works for the first time but on second iteration of loop it gives an error. I had tried closing the browser before iterating for the second time and also tried to keep browser opens. But getting the error everytime.

Any help would be appreciated!
Urvashi Singla


Hi @urvashi.singla
Please attach the recording for us to take a look at it.



The zip file is attached
Training practice1.zip (66.0 KB)


@urvashi.singla - please post your Excel file here too


Hi @urvashi.singla,
Could you please post your Excel file here too?



Dear @urvashi.singla,

Kindly post your Excel fike here for further investigation

Waiting for your reply,
Ainur Tokenova


Hi @urvashi.singla ,

Could you please post your Excel file here?

Waiting for your reply,
Yuliya Miadzel